Fish burger, $19.

The fish wasn’t grilled long enough so it still had a lot of ‘fish juice’, add some sauce onto it, throw it on a (hot) toasted bun and you’ve got yourself a soggy mess. It had great potential, but sadly it wasn’t able to satisfy my burger needs.

I loved the chips though, actual hand cut potato pieces with the skin still intact. Deep friend goodness seasoned with sea salt and rosemary, they weren’t crispy but the potatoes were nice & firm and not mushy.

Snickers shake, $6.

Ice cream, milk, chocolate, caramel and peanuts all thrown together to make a sugar packed thickshake. At the time i absolutely loved this!! it was so so sweet & amazing but my body was not ready. Too much sugar/ice cream in this and it left me feeling bloated and super sluggish after the sugar spike ended. I regret nothing though and would definitely order this again hah..


Four Ate Five has decent service and the staff are alright but the background music was extremely annoying. We sat inside towards the back near the kitchen and the music was blaring the entire time. I have the hearing ability of an 80 year old, how many times do i say “WHAT” before giving up. Definitely sit outside or near the door if you want to be able to have a proper uninterrupted conversation that doesn’t involve you saying HUH or WHAT 99thousand times and still not being able to hear anything the other person says.

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